Ukrainian Sound Garden: Undercurrent

After sharing an outstanding musical experience with 1000 visitors at the first Ukrainian Sound Garden at Aeden, Vitsche Culture Team is back with another vibing multidisciplinary event. This time we’re going to showcase modern Ukrainian culture on two locations: SAGE Beach and Remise.

In the daytime we are landing on the SAGE Beach, next to the Spree River, with a deep-dive curation of Ukrainian underground music, visual and performative acts, that deserve a mainstream spotlight.

We invite you to discover artists that are shaping new Ukrainian sound and culture with divers, acoustic, electronic, modern and traditional sounds. This time we will dedicate a big part of our program to visual art, where you will be able to see, buy and even co-create an artwork together with contemporary Ukrainian artists.

🌤️ Daytime Music Program:

🔊 MACKA (Rare UA Grooves Selection, Vinyl Set)…

🎙️ Illia (Electronic Live Act)

🎙️ Postman (Singer-Songwriter)

🎙️ Viltse (A cappella Ethno Choir)

🔥 Special Guest TBA!

In the nighttime, we’re going to move to the next-door club Remise to escalate the music program with a unique mix of live acts, leading DJs from the thriving Ukrainian underground scene in the collaboration event with the Remise Club Team, supporting our fundraising goal.

🌙 Club Night Line Up A-Z:

🔊 Alex Savage (Progressive future/closer)

🔊 Andriy Kostyukov (система, Pep Gaffe)

🔊 AXT(Kultura Zvuku)

🔊 Fat Frumos (Suck Puck Records)

🔊 JmDasha (Shum.rave)

🔊 Human Margareeta (˖⁺‧₊♡ CUTIECORE ♡₊‧⁺˖)

🔊 Ponura (Progressive future/closer)

🔊 Udda (Kultura Zvuku)

🔥 More TBA soon!

We’re going to reopen an extended version of our art market with high-quality tattoos, food, merch, and artworks with a goal to raise 6800 Euros for a rescue drone Autel EVO II Thermal Dual with our partner organization European Exchange.

With this high-tech informational advantage, successful rescue operations near the frontline will be conducted, and countless lives can be saved from non-selective russian shelling.

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🧺 Register for Art Market Stand here:…/1XGS3oq8dsfAO2x8fQY6n…/prefill

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The Daytime part of the event supported by the DRAUSSENSSTADT is FREE, the Nighttime will be donation-based. Don’t forget to share this event and invite your Berlin-based friends. Come support and celebrate our diverse culture together with us! 💙💛