Ukrainian Sound Garden

Culture can not stop bullets, but it can stop the shooting hand. That’s why Ukrainian culture became a target of Russian military and informational aggression, trying to disconnect people from their identity. One of the places with cultural relevance for Ukrainians was always a Garden, where wondering Kobza musicians were gathering local communities to share music, poems and liberal ideas while improvising.

On Thursday, 14th of July, we’d like to gather the Ukrainian community in Berlin and invite supporters, interested in learning more about modern Ukrainian culture, to the Garden of Aeden. We’ll create a multidisciplinary event with a live jam curated by the legendary Kyiv-based music formation Fusion Jams, special music appearances, a daytime market with culturally-relevant crafts and food, and a visual exhibition curated by Vitsche Culture. Our team will transform the club’s Open Air Spaces into an artistic oasis with multiple focus points, where our visitors will be able to discover all the talented artists representing the Ukrainian community in Berlin, learn more about our culture in its heyday, and have just an inspirational time with each other.

🌤️ The Daytime part of the Programme is a part of the DRAUSSENSTADT urban culture initiative. FREE ENTRY until 22-00 👈

Warm Up – DJ Passionfruit 🇺🇦

Live performances:

Chillera 🇺🇦

Fusion Jams 🇺🇦

Hyphen Dash 🇺🇦

Odarka 🇺🇦

🧺 Arts & Crafts Market:
UA Food, Books, Ceramics, Accessories, Posters, Clothing, Art and Tattoos.
Part of the market profits goes to the Vitsche Fundraising Campaign – Stop Blood in Ukraine, where we’re gathering funds for tourniquets.

🎸Jam Session Application:

🌙 The Nighttime Part of the Programme will consist of the DJ Sets of emerging Ukrainian DJs and Local Supporters approaching Electro, Breakbeat, Acid, Leftfield and UK Garage in the B2B Formats.

Line up:

Annyrock (attechtion.please!) 🇺🇦

E.Lina (attechtion.please!) 🇺🇦

Human Margareeta 🇺🇦

Nina Eba 🇺🇦

Cook Strummer 🇧🇪

Habitat Shaking 🇺🇦


Pledov 🇺🇦

Entry after 22-00: Donation

RSVP and Share the Event.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all! 💙💛